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Why It’s a Good Idea to Buy Brian and Sonia a Beer

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Brian and I are heading out to the BlogWorld and New Media Expo this week, where we hope to meet plenty of Copyblogger readers. As you might know, one of the smartest things you can do at a conference is to see if there’s someone you can learn from at the bar after the day’s main events. Buy them a drink and you just might get a little bit of free and frank advice about your project. But since we know that trekking out to Las Vegas isn’t on everyone’s schedule,

We thought we’d let you know about a way to “buy us a drink” and get some nitty-gritty advice about your own business, web site, or blog. One of our up-and-coming guest Fax Lists writers (Dave Navarro) is putting on an online teleseminar this week featuring 12 online entrepreneurs who have built their own thriving businesses from the ground up. Brian and I are two of the speakers. Others you may recognize as Copyblogger guest writers, and some may be fresh new faces for you to meet. Each one has valuable experience to share with you about how to get more customers. Each call is set up like a consulting session. Dave asks the questions you would ask if you were paying each of these twelve experts for an hour of their time, one-on-one. (Or if you were buying them a beer at a conference. I happen to be partial to Sam Adams. Just for the record.) The calls are already recorded, so you won’t 

Have to juggle your schedule to hear them, and Dave will be providing workbooks based on each session so you can get the most out of the calls. The inside scoop: what you’ll hear on the calls While the teleseminar is geared toward teaching you how to get more buyers into your business, you’ll also get a few choice personal insights about psychology, mindset, time management, and the other factors that go into keeping a business growing strong. For example: What Pam Slim tapes to the wall above her bathtub to keep her business on track What Sonia Simone really thinks of Dan Kennedy (and what it means for your tribe) What Naomi Dunford does when she’s feeling scared 

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