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    Bonjour, je suis également un nouveau membre de ce forum et je suis heureux de vous rencontrer !
  3. Franck Shepard Fairey was born on February 15, 1970 in Charleston, South Carolina. It is on the occasion of an exhibition at the Lyon gallery "SpaceJunk" that we add his name to our page of the great names of graphic design. Reagan Generation Mid-1980s. Hip-hop is raging, skateboarding is religion. An actor -Reagan- is at the head of the United States, the Cold War is in full swing and the world is gradually turning towards neoliberalism. It's the arms race. But underground, another movement roars. At the time, the police severely condemned graffiti in New York, which had appeared a decade ear
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  7. williamnielsen


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  9. 你发布一个又一个帖子,一个又一个社交媒体更新——打字,打字,一路打字,一整天。它让我想起了经典的 Dunkin’ Donuts 广告“是时候做甜甜圈了”。我们都像小面包师弗雷德一样,把我们抱歉的自己拖到我们的键盘上,创造另一个可读但容易忘记的帖子。我说,够了这个废话。让我们关闭这个博客并完成它。认为这太过分了吗?听着:这只是时间问题。我们做过的最佳决定的简史 在我被告知是一个漫长的、折磨人的、令人心碎的、令人震惊的、巨大的 (yada yada) 决定中,Copyblogger 关闭了博客上的评论。关于谈话转移到其他平台和太多垃圾邮件的事情。我不在乎。我能想到的是,“天啊,Copyblogger 居然有骨气!我想在那里工作。”于是我就上船了。但是,我仍然有疑问。很快,我的怀疑就被证实了:那根骨气很弱。 直到 2014 年 10 月 17 日。那时 Erika Napoletano(比炸玉米饼大,但比 Airstream 拖车小,这使她成为理想的研究人员)宣布 Brian Clark 生孩子会更容易,而那个孩子成为一只喝威士忌的双头灰狗,让那只喝威士忌的双头灰狗开始播客,让播客结束世界饥饿,而不是让 Copyblogger 的粉丝在 Facebook 上参与。所以我们取消了我们的 Facebook 页面。我的信心恢复了。但只是暂时的。我是唯一一个看到墙 电子邮
  10. prednisolone


    Bonjour je suis Louis Claude de Toulouse petit nouveau dans le forum ravis d'etre parmi vous. posologie prednisolone
  11. Copying Me on Bulk Email Messages She Sends to Hundreds of People Using Her Email’s “Bcc” Field. None of Nicki’s Emails Have an “Unsubscribe” Link at the Bottom, So I Can’t Opt Out of These Emails Without Personally Writing to Her and Saying, “Please Stop Emailing Me!” Nicki’s Email Marketing Strategy Is a Can-Spam Nightmare. She’s Breaking the Law on a Regular Basis, and I’ll Bet She Has No Idea She’s Doing It. It Even Gets Worse. Nicki’s Emails Are Also So Annoying That I’ve Decided I’m Never Doing Business with Her or Sending Her Any Referrals. She’s Lost a Potential Relationship with Me by
  12. Brian and I are heading out to the BlogWorld and New Media Expo this week, where we hope to meet plenty of Copyblogger readers. As you might know, one of the smartest things you can do at a conference is to see if there’s someone you can learn from at the bar after the day’s main events. Buy them a drink and you just might get a little bit of free and frank advice about your project. But since we know that trekking out to Las Vegas isn’t on everyone’s schedule, We thought we’d let you know about a way to “buy us a drink” and get some nitty-gritty advice about your own business, web site,
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  14. jettes-y en coup d'oeil. Cet institut à l'air sérieux. Bonne journée.
  15. Bonjour, Il y a un diplôme universitaire MSL à l'université de Paris. As-tu réussi à trouver quelque chose depuis que tu as posté ce message? Bonne journée
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