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    • Bonjour, je suis également un nouveau membre de ce forum et je suis heureux de vous rencontrer !
    • Franck Shepard Fairey was born on February 15, 1970 in Charleston, South Carolina. It is on the occasion of an exhibition at the Lyon gallery "SpaceJunk" that we add his name to our page of the great names of graphic design. Reagan Generation Mid-1980s. Hip-hop is raging, skateboarding is religion. An actor -Reagan- is at the head of the United States, the Cold War is in full swing and the world is gradually turning towards neoliberalism. It's the arms race. But underground, another movement roars. At the time, the police severely condemned graffiti in New York, which had appeared a decade earlier. But the prohibition of this underground movement had the opposite effect: street-art intensified and spread to other American cities, illegally of course. Just as illegally, Shepard Fairey and his gang of skating friends,   More known by the sweet name of Andre -or 8th wonder of the world- his 2m14 and 235 kilos have just fallen on a wrestling ring for the first time in 15 years. Like a trail of spray bombs, these stickers toured the United States, and became the new standard of underground culture until the 90s. Distributed under the  background remove service coat and glued all over the city, we see Andre's face with the text: "Andre the Giant has a Posse". Who then glues him claims to belong to this gang. The Andre the Giant brand is already registered, and Shepard is forced to abandon its stickers. That doesn't mean he's holed up.   Thus OBEY is born, with Andre's face in close-up and a rather demonstrative title taken from the film Invasion à Los Angeles (They Live). Real phenomenological experience (thanks Heidegger), these stickers are used, at the time, to highlight elements that we have perpetually before our eyes, but that we are unable to see for what they really are. Then everyone is free to do what they want with it. The Conservatives, embarrassed by the subversive and underground side of the sticker, have often ripped it off. The rebels, often glued, making this movement grow. In 2001, OBEY became a streetwear brand. The Fairey Empire is born. 
    • Designer Will Share with You Her Sketches and Her Entire Work Process and You Will Learn to Observe Typography with a Critical Eye. Exploring the Basics of Type Design and Lettering You Will See Some Brief Principles That Will Help You Understand Why Letterforms Are the Way They Are and How They Are Constructed. in Addition You Will Practice Techniques to Draw Letters and YouMaking a Lettering from Its Sketch by Hand the Refinement Its Transition to Digital Support and Blah You Will Have a Magnificent Word Ready to Speak to the World.  What Is the Course Project How Long Has It Been Since You Sent a Postcard Taking jewelry retouch service the Personal Project of Martina Letter Collections as a Reference  You Will Design a Lettering for a Postcard So Wonderful That You Can Send It to Your Friends Family and Why Not to That Job You Want to Get. Course Student Projects Lumos. an Illustration Typography and Calligraphy Project by Rachel 02.04.2015 by Rachel Enjoy Today. an Illustration Graphic Design Typography and Calligraphy Project by Elayne Key  06.01.2015 by Elayne Key  Thank You Postcard for This New Year. Book porn graphy Project by Alán Guzmán  01.20.2015 by Alan Guzman Be Happy Openwork Card. a Graphic Design Project by Gimena Moya Tonelli  05.27.2015356 Who Is This Online Course for This Course Is Aimed at Those Who Want to Start in the World of Lettering or Those with Experience Who Seek to Improve Their Techniques for Drawing Letters. It Is Also Useful for Students Who Want to Explore the Art of Lettering as Well as Design Art or Illustration Professionals Who Want to Expand Their Set of Tools for Their Creative Work. Requirements and Materials to Make Your Lettering You Will Need Paper Pencil and Tracing Paper. Then for the Digital Phase You Will Need a Computer with Adobe Illustrator Installed.   
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