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    • Students Need Do My Assignment work And Assignment Helper Malaysia Experts are the best online assignment writing service for Kuala Lumpur University. This is a professional service for students as well as professionals with unique features like Professional Writers, Attractive Prices, Free Discussions, 100% Plagiarism Free Papers, etc. Assignment Help Malaysia Experts provides students with an A+ Grade with the Online assignment writing service. We have been providing quality writing help at affordable prices, 24*7 Help, and 100% plagiarism-free, original papers. We offer great services for students, professionals, and people who are working in some organizations. You can get all types of academic writing help from Assignment Malaysia Expert.
    • The red filter is a trendy filter, people also known as the silhouette filter. It became a very famous trend on all social media. Women like it very much. But the main thing is this filter removable. There is some trick by which this filter can be removed and the original video can be seen. If you have to remove the filter then simply download any red filter remover app and get a silhouette filter video. Then add the video to the app and tap on adjust button where you have to decrease the saturation, contrast, and tint. And you need to increase the brightness of the video. Now all done, the original video will be in front of you. 
    • Many universities now conduct exams online, which allows students to cheat. The rise in COVID-19 cases has accelerated this trend. Exam centres and health centers are also closing. The university's reputation as a learning center is directly related to how many applicants are competing for admission. Universities and organizations often consider ways to prevent applicants from cheating when they conduct high-scoring online exams, especially if the candidate is taking an exam from a faraway location. It is not difficult to believe that cheating on online invigilated exams is one of the most popular internet searches in the education sector. Online exam fraud is on the rise. Students will continue to invent new ways of beating proctoring technology. This blog lists 10 ways students can cheat online exams. We also evaluate smart technologies that could help to prevent this from happening. 1. Screen Sharing / Reflection Candidates can use multiple monitors to simultaneously approach the exam question of a friend and give answers when taking it from faraway locations. Screen sharing is a common method of cheating in exams. 2. Use High Tech Equipment Many students will find ways to cheat an online exam that involves cameras. Recent reports have highlighted companies that conduct high-tech online exams like CAT, MAT, and other competitive exams. Test-takers use smaller, virtually undetectable Bluetooth devices. Calculators that store formulas or other data can be used by candidates to increase their marks on exams. To address concerns about cheating in online exams, test takers have agreed that they will use high-tech devices. They said that some students cheat online by using traditional methods like handwriting notes or writing on their palms and bodies. 3. Mobile phones Fraudulent use of smartphones in online exams is on the rise. The connected devices allow candidates to store answers and share them with other test-takers. 4. Auto Coding Software Auto coding software is often used by candidates to pass exams during school/university exams and during recruitment programming tests. These software can create these programs without the candidate having to write any code. 5. Navigation offers Students used their internet access and social media to commit fraud during online exams. They log in to untrusted websites and paste questions into URLs to find the best way to steal the solution. 6. Impersonation It is not uncommon to take the test for someone else. This trick is also a well-known one. Online exams make it very easy for candidates to pretend to be someone else to take the exam. You don't need to use fraudulent methods or devices. Ask a highly-achieving student to take your test. For years, many testers have used impersonators to take down so-called "high-integrity" tests. 7. External Devices Fraud masterminds use external smart devices such as hard drives, USBs and microSDs to conceal their identities and make it difficult to spot. Students insert the cards before or after the exam to create a duplicate of online exams that they can share online or sell to other students. 8. Their family and friends are in the room Cheating on multiple-choice quizzes or online tests is easy. This can be done by helping a friend or family member get closer to the people taking the test. These assistants can be parked behind the screen or away from the camera. They may write the answer in a block chain, or whisper softly. These students are often uncooperative and hide their faces or look around the room when they contact assistants to get the answer. 9. Copy-pasting and other keyboard shortcuts Copying and pasting answers is one of the most common ways to cheat in online exams. Many students can copy and paste answers from notepads or documents. These will be saved in separate windows before the test starts. These are easy ways to fool remote proctoring software that doesn't know what is happening on screen. IRIS Invigilation software records screen activity, so the student could be caught cheating. 10. Exiting the test deliberately Many students who are interested in cheating online exams try to do so by intentionally excluding themselves from the exam. To quickly find answers to exam questions, they use excuses like a power outage or poor internet connection to get around the system. They log in again to continue their assessment. Some students lie to say they can't access the software, but in reality they are trying to hide their inability to do so. Read Related Post at IPS News: Related Resources:   Preparing Online Exams Preparing for Online Exams Preparing to Take Online Exams 10 Unique Ways Students Cheat in Online Exams  
    • say Satirical essays are written using humor, hyperbole or irony to critique or poke fun of a subject. They often target celebrities, political candidates and current events. While satirical essays aim to entertain the reader, the satire writer often aims to offer useful, interesting, and eye-opening data. Learn how to write satirically. Step 1 Select a topic. Choose a satirical essay topic that is ironic or absurd. Similar to a caricature artist, you want to highlight the absurdities in your subject. For ideas, you might want to look in your Sunday newspaper for political cartoons. Step 2 To make your point, use hyperbole. Hyperbole refers to a literary device that exaggerates facts. Hyperbole does not necessarily mean lying. While you should stick to the facts, hyperbole can be used to draw attention to the absurdity. For example, you might say that Andy Garbo drinks a lot of coffee every year in order to keep Folgers' stock profitable. This is obvious hyperbole but it's used for Andy to make an exaggerated point. Step 3 Irony can be used to communicate your ideas. Irony can be described as using words or phrases that express the opposite of what you mean. It also means to use words or phrases to indicate an incongruity or difference between what one expects and what actually happens. An example of irony is "He's kind enough take from the poor in order to feed his family." This is ironic because it uses the phrase "kind enough". Its sarcastic tone makes irony a useful tool in satirical essays. Step 4 In your satirical essays, try to find humor. Although not all satire will be funny, it is possible to make people more open to your ideas or speed up the process. Many people respond faster to humor, particularly if they can see the absurdity as you do. Learn more at:  
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